My Beloved And I.

My beloved and I cannot be together–or so they say. But why? I still don’t really understand, but they say we are not the same–or so his mother claims. ‘We are not the same? Like how?’ I’m confused. On the day my beloved and I go to visit his mother for the first time, she … Continue reading My Beloved And I.


Childhood is usually one of the precious stages of life every human goes through before adulthood but unfortunately, it lies unappreciated till we have passed that stage. You then wish more than anything to go back but's too late😭😢. Today, I decided to go back memory lane and dig up some childhood memories I could recall and yes, I found something I'd love to share with you all.


Good morning lovely folks. Trust we're all doing great this morning. Just wanted to share one of my favourite quotes with you guys. It says, "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." Let's all endeavour to be courageous in our little ways.💪 Have a nice day y'all.🤗😇 Love from Lizzie❤