When all of this is over….

May we love more and hate less.
May we focus on the good and not the bad.
May we learn to take the good along with the bad.
May we thrive in spite of and not despite obstacles.
May we learn!
May we grow as we learn!
May we refuse to be bruised.
May we allow our scars the opportunity to tell their stories.
May our hearts be filled with warmth.
May we heal from that which hurt us, broke us and caused us to bleed or cry out in pain.
May our lips swell with words of positivity and hope.
May our ears never tire of hearing them as well.
And may our feeble minds comprehend!
May we stride with confidence the path our Maker set for us.
May our smiles of persistence lighten our journeys.
May our determination lessen our burdens.
May we hope and never despair!
Again, may we continually hope above all else.
May the world heal!
May our tears dry!
May our faith multiply!
May we allow life to take its course.
May we appreciate life in all it’s nuances and complexities.
May we always desire to live another day.
May we never die before we actually die!

Positivity inspired by hope in a time of undue crisis. This too shall pass🌻. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Love 🥀