I’m in a fight with myself
One I lose everyday
This fight, this war,
This dilemma I am in
Really doesn’t make sense…
To me or anybody else
But I have it anyway

Vaguely, as I stare in the mirror
There stands my reflection
Staring right back at me
Giving me that look,
The same blank, expressionless look I’m carrying
She’s thinking too…
Brooding over the same questions that trouble my soul

Aloud, I ask…
Why do people hate others…
For things they have no control over?
Her lips move in sync each time I open mine
Why must people torment others…
About things for which they had no choice?
Like the colour of their skin
Or the shape of their nose
Or the way their mouths twist in laughter even?

I ask her…
How many creams must I buy?
How many pills do I swallow?
The lighter the better?
These words I’ve heard echo for so long…
That I find hard to keep disputing
But then, when I finally get lighter, and “better”
Will the Creator recognize me,
When next we meet?

Why does my brown hue irk them?
Why does my dark shade put them off?
Why does my melanin offend them?
Or rather….
Does it scare them?
Because that’s just my luck
Maybe, they should take it on with the Creator; not me
After all, I’m only a product of his handiwork

Those creases on their faces,
The way their eyes narrow…
Those rumps on their foreheads,
When their brows furrow….
In hostile scrutiny of me,
Or of my kindred.
Like we’re some kind of specimen,
Subject to their examination
Or in some ridiculous way,
Beyond their limited imagination
Oh those wild glares at the sight of us…
Pierces my heart to the core.

Because, like them
My blood pours bright-red
When I bleed…
And tears stream down my cheeks,
When I cry…
They feel pain?
I do too!
So you see?
I’m just like them!
Another full human,
Only with an extra dose of melanin,

So I’ll ask you again,
Why does my melanin offend them?
Why does it scare them?
I could choose to feel the same way…
About their lack of it.
But to me,
It just would make no sense
Because that’s just their luck
And it’s melanin—not a curse!

To all my dark-skin-toned, melanin-dripping, black-girl-magic queens across the globe…. please don’t touch that glow! We love you💋💋❤️