Hey y’all. Trust we’re doing well. I know y’all miss me. I miss you so bad too🥰. And even if you didn’t, I still missed you. Also, I know y’all want the continuation of my story WMY but…(sigh)… unfortunately, that would have to wait a bit longer. Not too long though, I promise. In the meantime, I thought Jesus would love you to know this. I got inspired so I wrote whatever that came to me.

In the gathering of saints, we have more seasoned actors and actresses than you’d find anywhere.

On a typical church service day, when the sermon strikes a familiar cord, there’s that uncomfortable shifting and reshifting of posteriors in seats, the eyes of sinners glossing over each other in that ‘how-did-pastor-know-what-we-did-last-night’ manner.

Also, the girl in the flimsy church dress with the pointiest high-heels and shiniest lips will walk in late, wriggling her body like a snake, and stroll majestically to the very first seat in the front row, like she owns the throne of God, itself. And when the pastor starts admonishing the daughters of Jezebel, she will lean back in her seat, and give him the ‘how-dare-you’ glare. It will also be the last time you’ll see her there or anywhere near the house of God.

Then, there are the struggling saved, constantly overburdened with secret sins. The youth leader who’s a porn addict, the elder secretly entangled in the web of alcoholism, the songs leader who can’t seem to zip up his pants, etc, etc.

In the gathering of saints, we kind of forget that the first step to healing is admitting that we have a problem.

How can one heal when they are all about covering up their sores and painting the perfect picture?

Yet, funnily enough, we are more adept at putting on ‘holier-than-thou’ faces, perfectly reserved for this kind of gathering, grinning at one another in sin-shrouded bodies, than at allowing the message of grace to truly influence and manifest in our lives.

I hope you enjoyed this short piece. I don’t know what it is. Take it as fiction or nonfiction or even a mere rant of a disturbed soul. If you did like it, leave a comment. If you didn’t, that’s also okay 😊. Still leave a comment. Jesus loves you regardless and he wishes you didn’t have to pretend all the time.

Till when next I see you…

Stay safe. Wear your masks, wash your hands, protect yourself and your loved ones.