I feel truly humbled and elated to be nominated for this award. It’s always such a joy to know that someone appreciates and recognizes your work.

I was nominated for this award by an extremely talented and wonderful blogger, Didi, and her blog is Didi’s Not So Secret Diary. I have to say she is super talented. Her blog is beautiful. She talks about beauty tips from make up to hair to skin care routines that can just make you look your lovely self everyday. Please do check out her blog for sure. You would like it, trust me.

Rules For Ideal Inspiration Award

1) Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their site

2) Answer your nomination’s questions

3) Nominate up to 9 bloggers and ask them 5 new questions

4) Notify the nominees by commenting or letting them know through social media

5) List the rules and display the award logo in your blog post.

6) Provide a link to the award creator. Rising star from Ideal inspiration

Questions By Didi.

1. What movie did you last watch?

The last movie I remember watching is Mamma Mia.

2. Have you ever had bad comments and how do you deal with it?

Well no, I have not really had bad comments on my blog or posts. But if I had, and they were constructive criticism or well meaning, I’d take the feedback in good faith and work on improving. But if it’s to kill my shine, well bye.

3. What would you tell your younger self if you could?

I’d tell her to live, to do whatever she wants to do with no fear of what people might think.

4. What do you think is the most important thing in life?

To live your dreams and serve your purpose.

5. Which came first, the hen or the egg?

Lol… I’d rather not start this age-old argument/debate. Regardless of whichever came first, I’m happy to say I love eating both and that’s all that matters to me 😁.

My Nominees

Daniella, Resolute Scribbles

The Dreamer

Florence, Fiez-Writer

Puzzles of the soul

Salsa world traveler’s blog

The Hidden Soul

Calm Wildness

Marie Cook, The Art of Christian Living

The Lonely Author

Questions for my nominees.

1. Name your favorite book and the author.

2. What misconceptions about writers have you encountered in your journey so far?

3. What keeps you going long after you think you can’t?

4. What are your thoughts on the saying, “love is blind”.

5. What/who do you love most in your life and why?

So thank you, that would be it. Thank you Didi once again for your wonderful nomination. I appreciate the love. Guys please follow Didi’s blog and thank me later. Mwah!