So say, you even know who I am
Say, you look in my direction
And see me, the way I see you
Say, you notice me, same way I notice you
Say, you want me, too, the way I have always wanted you
…and still do

So say, you liked me for a split second
Say, you tell me and I say yes!
Say, we start dating and be together
Say, we find true love in each other’s arms
Say, I laugh at your silly jokes; say, you crack me all up
And say, one day, you propose and we get married

Say, we go for our honeymoon somewhere beautiful and peaceful
Like the Bahamas or even the City of Love
Say, we sit side by side on the beach,
With my head resting on your shoulder
Say, you hold my hand and kiss my head
Say, you say to me, You are all I ever needed and all I see
Say, I am your world as you are mine

Say, we return to our beautiful home, after that
Say, you come home expecting my welcome kisses
Say, we lived life just for each other
Say, we’re having our first baby
Say, your hands rest on my tummy every night while I sleep;
Checking to make sure I’m okay, and our baby too
Say, you carry me over the stairs, because you don’t want me doing any hardwork
And climbing the stairs, is considered hardwork, by you

Say, our first baby finally arrives on the due day
Say, she has your smile and brows while she has my eyes
Say, we argue playfully over what to name her
Say, we dedicate the rest of our lives to raising her,
And her other siblings, who’ll join later
Say, we watch our kids grow to become their best possible selves
While still loving and choosing each other everyday
Till death do us part

But yes, I know, this is wishful thinking
And I’m crazy for thinking all this in the first place
Because you and I are worlds apart
And I only see you inside my mind, where I’ve kept you safe
Or inside my phone, where you make other people laugh
While being pretty dope about it
Which means you don’t even know of my existence
But that does not bother me anyway
Just seeing your smile from afar, and of course, those dimples
Makes my heart content
So I’ll be sending you love and light from here
Till another woman comes and make my dreams her reality
Or till I get tired of this one-sided crush and move on to the next specimen that catches my gaze.


Thanks for reading my one-sided crush/love confession a.k.a poem. Lol😆 Who’s your celebrity crush? Want to share in the comments? Let’s roll😉

PS: No one should harrass me please! Thank you.

Stay safe y’all