some of us don’t speak anymore
because even when we try,
the words catch
in our throats,
before we can think of
spitting them out.

some of us don’t hear anymore
our ears are clogged
with the many unfulfilled
promises of yesterday,
it’s hard to listen to yet,
another lie.

some of us don’t feel anymore
because in times past,
when we allowed
ourselves to feel,
there was no telling
the things it did
to our soul.

which is why,
we have receded
to just watching.

because in watching,
we choose what we see,
and usually,
what we see,
is what we get.

so, we bind our tongues,
and block our ears,
and close our hearts,
but keep our eyes,
wide open.

Day 4/30. November challenge. #30days30poems

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