the first time i set my eyes on you / i knew you were trouble / everything about you / from the way your eyes held my gaze steadily / to how your fingers lingered around my waist area / on that dancefloor / spelled “doom”/ i should have run then / i really should have / yet i stayed / there’s a way in which this thing called love / can act like a blindfold / sometimes / and you were my blindfold then / for so long you’d be / because i let you / you know the most interesting thing about being blindfolded? / it’s that even when your eyes finally meet the light / after being covered for so long / it takes a while / to recognize / to let it seep in / the darkness just doesn’t fade away that quick / it stays around for a bit / till your lens can adjust to the new streams of light / hitting them / that’s how it felt like / to finally be released from you/ you just didn’t go away / or dissipate / you lingered /always / even now / you still do / but i want to believe that soon / fine rays from somewhere pure / will clear my eyes of you / and your lingering darkness / i want no traces left behind / none / at all / i’m only hoping that / this peeling of myself from you / would be a subtle welcoming / of a new dawn / a new phase / a new era / one where i’m free / and see clearly / the road ahead / an era of no blindfolds

Day 6/30. November challenge. 30 poems in 30 days.

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