do you know…
that the first time, you tried sitting, you failed?
and the first time, you tried standing, or walking, you fell?
and the first time, you tried talking, too, you failed?
that for a while, only gibberish would escape your lips,
but you’d continue speaking, till you finally could, utter some real words?

failing is not the end.
it’s only the end, when we want it to be.
because even as toddlers,
failing the first time never stopped us
from trying, time and again,
to become who we now are.
so, why must we let it stop us now?

for me…
I see failure as an opportunity,
to come again, to learn, to grow,
to do better than I did the last time I tried.
and I’ll say to you today, FAIL!
yes, fail, fail and fail yet again,

it’s okay…
just never allow it to keep you down,
always get up, and get right back at it.
and I promise you, one day, you gon’ win.

Day 8 of 30. November challenge. 30 poems in 30 days.

Are you afraid of failing?

Comments and criticisms are welcome 😊

Love ❤️