some call me mother,
some call me sister,
others call me auntie,
they call me woman.
but I call me, Queen.

my strength is unmatched.
elegance and pulchritude,
all wrapped in one.
I exude power.
I command warriors.
I calm raging storms
with a single snap of my finger.

bravery and valiance
are footstools, in my kingdom,
of unparalleled wisdom.
my breasts are a
wonderful fountain of wealth,
and health,
to the many, who drink from them.
continually flowing; never dry.

wo unto those men who underestimate me.
there’s a reason I’m called, wo(e)–man.

Shout-out to all the queens out thereπŸ˜šπŸ’›

Day 9. November challenge. Thirty poems in 30 days. Comments are always welcome.

Love ❀️