What would you rather…?

Would you rather I be Cece, with a tinge of Cardi,
or you’d rather I be your Adele.

Would you like me rock-hard, like Azuma blows,
or you’d rather I be more like freshly-fried akakuro,
soft and jelly-like.

Would you rather I be jollof; your lone, orange supremacist,
or you’d prefer me as waakye; your brown beauty, who never goes without her knight in dark, dark armour.

Would you love me sweet and calm, like beach breeze blowing across your skin,
or you’d rather I boil, like chop-bar nkwan on fire, 24/7.

Would you prefer me hot, like a Ga kenkey seller’s kpakpo shito,
or you’d rather I chill, like a cold bottle of Club fizzing away.

Would you rather I tell you my hard truths,
or you sleep better in my cozy bed of lies.

Because I can be
whatever you want,
depending on what you ask for.
So darling;
what would you have me be?

Day 10 of 30. November challenge. 30 poems in 30 days.

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Love ❤️