If life is, indeed, a race,
then death, of course, must be the finish line.

They say death is inevitable.
But must it always come unannounced?
I ask.
Must it always show up,
in the most treacherous of times,
to coldly snatch away our heroes and loved ones?

This year is that year.
It’s that year where you think
you’ve seen it all,
felt it all,
Or that you’ve had enough,
Only for it to throw another surprise your way,
Like, “hey guys, not done here yet. don’t get too comfy“.

Though this country has lost an irreplaceable giant,
God has won a son back home,
I’d like to think.
Let us mourn and grieve, dear ones.
But in all our grieving,
Let us remember also, that death is always lurking,
Ready to spring on us anytime, uninvited.

Life is short.
So give it your best shot.
Let your life be an example.
And your death, a memorial.

I say,
Rest well, Ex-president Ft Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings.
You served Ghana well.
We will forever remember you.
And you shall remain in our hearts with love.

a sad november 12th.

day 12/30. november challenge. #30days30poems.

Love ❤️