I always find it a bit confusing,
when people say to me,
“Just be your true self.”

Then I’m forced to ask myself the question,
“Well, what is a ‘true self?’
And how do I know when I’m being that.”

Is my true self when I’m happy?
Or is it when I’m cranky?
Is it when I’m frowning,
Or when I’m smiling?
Is it when I’m being nice,
Or when I’m being cold?
Is my true self generous,
Or my downright stingy part?
Is it when I’m hyper,
Or just chill?
Is my true self good or bad?

Seriously, I don’t know.
Besides, this categorization of people
as being either “good” or “bad”
is a little dicey for me, you know.
‘Cause even the devil can be an angel
in someone else’s story.
And I also believe,
that a person can be many things,
at different times, for different reasons.
Beliefs, environment, circumstances, situations, and many other factors,
do influence our behaviours and reactions all the time.

Interestingly enough,
but not so surprising,
being the humans that we are,
we tend to notice the bad in people
more than the good.
That’s why, a person could do many things right,
and then they do one wrong thing,
and everybody goes like, “well she just showed her true self. She just showed who she truly is.
And I’m thinking, “well, what about the good she’s been doing all along?
You mean to say all of that was fake?

How come it’s only people’s bad sides that happen to be their “true selves”?
I don’t know about you,
but honestly, I don’t get it.
And I wonder if “a true self” is just one thing,
Or one type of behaviour.

Cos sometimes, the people we consider “bad” do good sometimes.
And the people we consider “good” may do bad as well.
Different people may have different stories about us, for instance.
You’re good in one person’s story.
You’re bad in another’s.
Are you a good person or a bad person then?
How do you know which side is your true self?

Tonight I’m only asking questions. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Day 14/30 of the November challenge. #30poemsin30days.

Love ❤️