As I’m taking a stroll on the Gram today,
my favorite pastime of late,
I’m met with, as usual, all these sexy, always chic, nicely dressed “insta-dollies”
as I like to call them.

Then comes a ton of motivational speeches and quotes,
from the inspiration and empowerment pages I follow.

Then comes my favorite set of people on the Gram,
the orchestrators of worlds and words,
aka, the #writersofinstagram,
flooding my timeline with
beautifully crafted poems, stories, and art,
perfectly designed on backgrounds
meant to attract, catch and hold attention.

Not to talk of the various “instagram weddings”,
both the cultural and non-cultural ones,
(you know there’s a criteria your wedding must meet before it can be deemed worthy of the Gram)
the ever-changing ways of marriage proposals,
the hashtag cute couple goals,
the dresses…
the shoes…
the bags…
the wigs… (OMG…those wigs!!..sigh)

Everything on the Gram is so damn perfect!
perfect relationships,
perfect families,
perfect bodies,
perfect lovers,
perfect skin,
perfect “fill in the blank space.”

But then again, isn’t that what the Gram is all about?
It’s designed to be “that space.”
’cause the operators of the Gram know
what the ordinary human craves yet can never attain: Perfection!
So say they give you something
that takes your mind off your crooked reality?
of course you’re going to keep coming back for more.

So the rule is simple;
if it’s not glamorous, interesting,
jaw-dropping, breathtaking,
eye-catching, heart-stopping,
don’t put it on the Gram.
nobody cares.
including me.

I’m not going to lie,
I love the Gram.
I love being on there.
Inasmuch as I hate what it represents
Because hey, who doesn’t love to run from reality in a while?

And to be fair, not everything there is fake or made up.
Although a large number of them are.
Some are also businesses.
(ever heard of content creators and brand influencers? yeah)

So just keep that
at the back of your mind,
when next you’re scrolling, or double-tapping,
those images and videos you can’t stop drooling over,
that life on the Gram
is glamorous, for a reason.
and don’t let anyone or anything
deceive or pressure you
into making choices or decisions
you may regret for a lifetime.

Live your life like you can afford to,
in the real world,
and pay less attention to
the glam on the Gram

What do you think of life on the Gram?

Day 16 of 30. November challenge. #30days30poems.

Comments are always welcome!

Love ❤️