Many a times, we’re made to believe
The purest form of love entails only giving.
But there’s a kind of love in taking too,
And in fact, we must expect to take as much as we give.
If you ask me,
I’d say true love is a matter of “give and take”
rather than a “give or take”.

If indeed God’s love is our ultimate measure
For what true love is, and should be like,
Then I can say I am right on true love being a “give and take” affair.
Because when God so loved the world, He gave his only son for its salvation.
It didn’t just end there,
As it would have, if true love were only about giving.

Part of God’s great love required that we give back our lives to Him.
In return for such great sacrifice.
God first gave His son’s life
Now He expects our lives.
Which goes to show
That true love isn’t one sided.
But instead, it’s a two way road comprising
A perfect combination of both giving and taking.

The idea that love is true or real,
Only when it gives continually,
With no thought of self,
Is problematic in our daily lives,
As it is common
This constant giving off of one’s self
Without taking or expecting to take
Anything back in return
Only results in an emptying of one’s soul
With no form of replenishment.

Imagine, for instance,
You have a fistful of rice.
You open your palm wide
For everyone who wishes to take
And everyone keeps taking and taking,
It’ll only be a matter of time before you have an empty palm.
But imagine, again,
This time, imagine everyone who takes,
Comes back to put a bit of rice in your palm
Your palm will consistently have some rice remaining to offer anyone who needs.

If you’re the kind that only gives,
I’d say look within your self
See if you have problems with self love
Could be you’ve been made to think
Wanting something in return for all you give is somehow bad
So you feel guilty about taking or even expecting to take
But you know,
You can only give as much as you have
So if you continue that way,
Ask yourself how long it will take before there’s nothing left
For you to even give

If you’re the kind, who also, only takes,
With no thought of giving back to fill the voids of where you take from
I believe you don’t need me to tell you that,
You’re being selfish and self-centered.

So yes!
While it is good to give,
Do not be afraid to take also,
Expect to take, as much as you give.
Because true love is the love that gives but also takes.

What does true love mean to you?

Day 20 of 30. November challenge. #30days30poems.

Love ❤️