we close our eyes at night,
trusting, with mad faith,
that we will open them again,
the next morning.
on certain days,
a word of prayer,
to the Maker,
may escape our lips.
on other days,
we just drop down;
sleep, quickly overtaking us.
and before we even know it,
we are waking to another day.
this has been happening for
as long as we can remember;
our reality, since birth.
that, it becomes almost normal to think,
it is automatic to wake, when we sleep.
it really may never occur to some of us,
that there’s a possibility of closing our eyes,
and never opening them again.
what happens if the Giver of life wants it back?
if one night, He decides to take it away,
would we have a say?
so whenever you awake
to a beautiful morn,
do not relent to thank the One,
who gives you breath,
and a chance at life,
each day on earth.

To sleep and wake is an underrated blessing. Never forget to thank God for the gift of life.

Day 22 of 30. November challenge. 30 poems in 30 days.

Love ❤️