Today, I wanna ask you
A simple question.
And I want you to
Think deeply about it.

My question to you is:
Do you believe in you?
Do you think you’re capable?
Up to the task at hand?

Or you’d rather leave it to others,
To decide for you,
Whether you can or cannot?

Well, let me tell you,
That it all starts with you,
How you see yourself,
What you think of yourself,
What you believe about you!

It’s not about what others say.
It’s also not about what they think
It’s all about you!

So give yourself permission
To believe in you.
Because your “I Can”
Is much more important
Than anybody else’s.

Belief in one’s self is the first most critical and essential step to realizing one’s goals or dreams. In order to succeed, you must first believe that “you can”, and then maybe, “you will”.

Day 24 of 30. The November challenge. #writing30poemsin30days.

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Love ❀️