I wonder why we sometimes,
find it difficult,
letting go of the past.

we hold on to the past,
for so long, it cripples us,
and prevents us,
from moving forward,
when the past is long gone,
and can no more be altered,
no matter how much we regret,
whatever we did or didn’t do in it.

the past can never be rewritten.
but guess what can…?
the future!
precisely because,
we’re yet to experience it,
and the only way to enjoy a future,
that looks nothing like
the past we so much despise,
is to start working on it now,
with whatever resources we have
at our disposal.

so instead of wasting time,
being stuck in a past,
we cannot change,
why not move beyond it,
and focus on the “now!”
where we have the power
to recreate the future we want.

Although life doesn’t allow us to go back and undo our past mistakes, it does allow us to live each day better than our last. So make the most of your now and your future self would be thankful.

Day 25/30. November challenge. Thirty poems in thirty days.

Love ❤️