bring me a book, dear.
read me some words from its pages.
fill my mind with awe.
feed my soul with knowledge.

oh, the ecstasy I feel,
just turning over these pages,
is incomparable to none other.
losing myself inside all these
rows and rows of words,
perfectly woven together,
to tell the most beautiful of human stories.

give me a book, please.
watch me dive right into the mystery,
hidden inside of its pages alone.

i bet you wouldn’t know, would you?
what pleasure it gives me,
just to discover intriguing worlds,
far beyond my feeble imagination,
right in the comfort of my home,
by the simple flip of a page.

Reading is dreaming with open eyes. Books can take you in minutes where your feet may never take you in years. Do you like getting lost in books like I do?

Day 26 of 30. November challenge. Thirty poems in thirty days.

Love ❀️