finish what you’ve started / dear / I know it’s not easy / but you can do it / it’s quite easy to begin / anyone can start anything / the difference lies in the finishing / which requires courage / strength / perseverance / endurance / determination / and hard work / to get there / the finish line / is what separates / the winners / from the losers / it crowns the whole effort / to finish / is to have fought well / and won / a job half–done / deserves no reward / so please / finish what you start / and finish hard

Bringing your current work to a successful finish is the essential and necessary boost you need to push you to the next level of your goals or projects. Never leave a job half done. Push forward even when it’s difficult. And till you get to the finish line, don’t pause.

Day 27 of 30. November challenge. Thirty poems in thirty days.

Love ❀️