Hello guys! How are we doing? How has the year been for you so far? 2021 started not so long ago and already, we’re in day 8… whew!!! Anyways, happy new year to you all. I hope you’re starting the year right and making provisions to fulfill all those dreams and goals you couldn’t live up to last year. Last year is done and dusted, let’s focus and be better this year. Can I get an Amen…!!!

Okay. So this is my first blog post this year. And inasmuch as I wish I had a new year message, mmm, I don’t think I have anything or I’m going to write on that because individually we all know what we want. We just need to gather the courage to start actively working towards them. Along the year, I might write a couple of inspirational messages, if that’s what you’re waiting on to get into action. But I’d advise you don’t wait, because time is not on our side and tomorrow is not promised. Unfortunately. (sorry guys).

But I do have some interesting news I think would be particularly exciting for the book lovers and bookworms and avid readers. So in addition to our usual short stories, poems and essays, this year, Lizzie’s Journal will be reviewing books as well.

Yay!πŸŽ‰ Who’s excited as I am?

In fact, I am elated to be sharing some of my favorite reads with you guys here on this platform, where we can have a discourse and also share some of our opinions on the different books I’ll bring up. You’d also have the opportunity to suggest books you’d like me to review as well in the comments section. So you see, you’re not left out, we’re in this together. I’ll try as much as possible to be dynamic in my book picks although I can’t promise that some genres won’t feature more than others. But I hope, and I’m certain, you’ll love it.

This is an official invitation to you, my lovely, lovely readers to come along with me on this new chapter of my blogging life. I hope we have a fun time.

thank you for reading.

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once again, happy new year.

stay blessed, stay happy 😁.

love ❀️