like a little girl
tries on her momma’s shoes
that’s how i find myself
playing god
in all i do

as a physician
i seek permission from the heavens
to return to normalcy
whatever that has been damaged
or broken
in the human body
just like the Master Creator would

as a writer
i see myself often
trying to conjure worlds
out of nothing
creating out of my words
lives and characters
who come to life
even if just on paper

like a little boy
follows in his father’s lead
that’s how i find myself
playing god
in all i do

this poem was inspired from witnessing my first surgery today. i went to the theater and i was just shaken by the wonder of everything we do as doctors and physicians and surgeons. then i realized how in small ways, almost everything we do as humans is like trying to copy God or pretend to be like him. it’s not surprising though because His Breath is in us so like little gods, we like to do like God would do. we know we can’t be God but we try.

thanks for reading.

if you liked it, or have any comments, i’m happy to hear from you.

love ❤️