the man i met after i left you,
knows how to make a woman feel loved, safe & precious.
no, he doesn’t take me to the spa every weekend after a fight like you used to.
no, he doesn’t buy me chocolates and flowers,
as compensation for the black eye he gave me when he had a temper flare.
no, he doesn’t boil with rage when i speak truth to his face.

he listens to me, respects my choices and every opinion,
gives me room to be myself, just the way i am.
praises me for the little things,
appreciates me every chance he gets,
rebukes me with love when i go wrong,
forgives me before i even ask.
he gives his whole self to me like it’s nothing.
he invests in me, treasures me,
treats me like the woman i am,
the human i am.
like an egg, fragile & breakable,
he holds me carefully in his arms,
see how you hold your favorite drinking glass?
yes, like that, he holds me firmly, but gently!

when he looks me in the eye
and apologizes for all the hurt i’ve had to go through,
all the brokenness i’ve had to endure,
that he wasn’t there to comfort,
i fall on his shoulders and break down in tears.
when he asks if those are tears of joy,
because they aren’t worth shedding if they are not,
i break into a smile,
and tell him they are tears of both joy and freedom,
because i’ve never felt freer in my life
with anyone else.

indeed i feel loved.
never have i felt fear
in or out of his presence.
and was it not the Holy Book
that said true love hath no fear?
well praise God,
for my heart is now calm and i have no fear
in this newly-found love.
for the man i met, after i left you,
is the definition of what true love should be,
sweet, fulfilling & without fear.

this is the last of the three-part poetry on abuse, self worth and true love.

click to read the first & second pieces if you missed those.

this final one was on finding and recognizing true love again after the pain and hurt.

i hope you enjoyed reading all three poems. leave a comment for me if you did. thank you so much for reading and sticking around. i appreciate you a lot😌❤️

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love ❤️