Hi everyone. How are we? Today is Day 2 of the Afroblogger’s WINTERABC challenge and for today, I will share with you what being a creative writer means to me. We’re still in the “Creatives Week” so enjoy. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments afterwards. Thank you 😌

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As a creative writer, most especially a poet and a fiction writer, when I sit down inside my room to write, probably at some lone desk in one tiny, dark corner of my room, I’m not always conscious of what it is I want or the results I seek to obtain. Yet I forge on.

Some days are rewarding. I may start scribbling something instantaneously. Those are the few good days when I know exactly what I want to write about. Other days (more like most days), I stare at my laptop screen for seconds, minutes, even hours on end and depending on how generous the day is, it may give me something to write about after some mulling. But if my mind has decided to punish me by being uncooperative, it won’t let me get anything down at all. In fact, sometimes I may know exactly what I want to write but getting it down on paper or on screen is still impossible. This can be quite frustrating and discouraging all at once.

You know that feeling when you are staring at an empty screen or page in your book, wishing and willing words to fall from your mind onto them (even if it’s just something silly or nonsensical) but the screen only stares at you back with you both blinking at each other for like thirty or more minutes straight? That feeling is one you can only understand when you’ve been there and done that. It’s a different kind of anxiety and anguish, I tell you.

The process of creating is not always rosy or attractive at all. It’s not usually appetizing or enjoyable like the finished product all of us readily and greedily consume in seconds and vehemently demand that the writer coughs up more of such from where it came from again in milliseconds. As though the last one did not seep the life out of him or her. As though it did not choke her, squeeze her until she almost wanted to give it up, tear those manuscripts into pieces or empty everything into the recycle bin and shut the damn PC down for good. But she did not (at least let’s hope soπŸ˜”). As though it did not take weeks upon weeks of editing, rewriting and editing to churn out that little piece of poetry, story or essay you see.

For me, being a creative writer, is to immerse myself in a different kind of world in order to better understand the one I’m in. It’s to lose myself in words and sentences hoping to be found. It’s to feel things more deeply, more passionately, more vigorously than everyone else. It’s to dissect grief in order to gather joy; to dabble in the unclean in order to showcase the clean; to teach my spirit to endure even when nothing I write seems to make sense in the moment because I somehow know without really knowing that it will all come together beautifully in the end.

It’s to allow myself a little bit of narcissism into thinking that whatever I produce is good enough and worthy of been seen, read or heard, regardless of what the masses (or anyone) have to say. It’s going back to that same blank page one more time just to see if maybe, just maybe, this time, the universe will be kinder to lend me some of its words to fill the unexplainable void within my soul from how many days of writer’s block?

It’s in the conviction that I was made for this so I try harder than normal. It’s in the everyday learning of new and creative ways to articulate my thoughts, knowing that I do not know it all and I do not need to know it all before my words are valid. It’s in accepting that rejections may not always be about me or my work. It’s in not allowing criticisms to break me, knowing which ones to take or leave and not depending solely on outside praise to push me (although it’s always nice to hear nice things being said about your work😚). It’s in knowing who’s just being nice or truthful or hateful.

It’s in knowing the value of my words, their meanings, and what they add to the world. It’s in firmly believing that the world is interested in what I have to say, and going ahead to say it anyway with or without applause. It’s in finding bold and dynamic ways to tell stories that need to be told, whether old or new, relevant or irrelevant in such ways that they have no choice but to be heard.

Finally, being a creative writer for me is about acknowledging the power I wield, not abusing that power or belittling it either.

Thank you so much for reading. If you were able to read to the end, I’m grateful for you and I appreciate you!❀️

If you’re a poet, writer or content creator what does being a creative mean to you?

You may not necessarily be a writer like me but you create art in your own special, unique way. In what ways are you creative? How do you interpret the word “creative?”

Don’t hesitate to engage with me in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’ll see you soon with my next post. Stay safe!😊

Love ❀️