Hey y’all. How are we? Trust your days have been awesome. It’s Day 3 of the Winter ABC challenge and my entry today is an inspirational kind of poem that came to mind as I was having my devotion this morning.

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I don’t know how your year has been and what you’ve been going through but I do hope these words ease the burdens of those who have not been having it easy this year be it physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I hope you lean into the ever-availing, ever preserving power of God to find calm in any storm you’re enduring or struggling to sail through. Amen.

last year was a force to reckon with
and as it came to an end, with glee,
we declared, “never again!”
never again shall we experience so much grief!
never again shall we be so hopeless!
never again shall our spirits be so broken!
never again shall our hearts be filled with this much fear!
“never, ever again!”, we declared.
not knowing what lay in store for us in the next year
but fully trusting that it could only get better.

this year is almost halfway done.
I don’t know about you,
but I know there are some of us out here
who still can’t tell the difference between this year or last,
because nothing’s changed for us, really.
the same headaches.
the same heartaches.
the same stressors.
the same anxieties.
the same problems (and even more)
that we thought we’d have eradicated
by now still follow us around like shadows,
lurking in the background,
reminders of how much we have failed.

our resolves have been broken.
our faiths have been tested, one too many times.
our backs are laden with heavy loads.
we’re on the verge of total collapse, total breakdown.
we are no longer sure if we can go on anymore.

okay, pause! breathe! rethink!
you made it through last year successfully,
even when you thought you wouldn’t.
what makes you think you can’t survive this one, too?

no matter what the year has been like so far for you,
no matter how depressing,
how unfruitful, how shocking,
how discouraging, how spirit-breaking,
hold onto the promises of God,
release all your fears into His Care,
trusting that you, too, will find joy again.

seek comfort in the respite of the Holy One
and find healing from that which troubleth you.
it’s the only way you can sail through
this crazy maze called life.
you can’t do this alone.
but when you allow God take control,
I assure you, you will make it out alive
once again.

How is your year going so far? Are you making headway or things have gone completely south with you? Let’s have a chat in the comments below. Sometimes sharing can make you know you’re not alone and that your problems are not unique to only you because we all someway somehow go through the same experiences in life.

Thank you for reading too. Hope this blesses you and makes your day a little more bearable. And if it does, do share to that friend or family who might need to see this. God is still in the business of taking care of His children. Don’t hesitate to release your worries into His able hands. He’s more than able! It’s not over yet.

I’ll see you soon with another post. Till then, thank God and live life!

Love ❀️