Hi darlings, hi babes, how are we? It’s day four (4) of the Afroblogger’s WINTERABC2021 challenge and the last day of the “Creatives Week 😩”. I must say I enjoyed writing on this theme because I am part of this group of people so I could relate to a lot of the conversation. I’m sad to see it end so soon but hey, I’m hyped for next week’s theme as well.✌🏾

In case you missed out on Day three’s post, you may find out what I wrote here. πŸ€—

Today, I’m answering the question, “who needs creatives?” for anyone who probably has ever wondered or questioned the importance or the role of creatives in our society or the world. If you’ve ever thought this to yourself or asked someone this question, here you go…And even if you haven’t, still enjoy!😌.

Creativity, I believe, forms an integral part of who we are as humans from the very beginning of our lives. It is practically embedded and woven within the very fabric of our being and our genetic makeup. I mean take anybody at all, man or woman. Have you seen the shape of our noses, the arch of our brows, the stretch in our lips when it curls in a smile? How about the poise of a young woman’s breast, the angulation of her hips, that broadness in the shoulder of a young boy breaking into puberty? Our bodies are simply works of art; and all art is creative.

I don’t believe creativity is a special thing specially reserved for a chosen sect of people, no. I believe we all have it in usβ€”this potential to create, just that certain people make it their business to act on their creativeness more than others. They are those we call “the Creatives“.

Everyday we wake up, art is being made all around us. Even life itself is art, isn’t it? I’d like to believe that the world is one great canvas and we all are painters with brushes in our hands painting our stories and destinies over it hastily with each stroke of our lives and days. I hear melody in the way a happy child cackles at a mother’s tickling. I recognize poetry in the way we love like blind people, the way we throw back our heads in laughter and even the way we express grief, sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly. There’s rhythm to the rising and setting of the sun, in the way life begins and ends, the way one day passes to let in another.

When last did you pay attention (close attention, I mean) to the way you get up every morning, lay your bed, hop into the shower, get dressed, tie your hair, eat your meal, and set off to work or school? When last did you take a cursory glance at the sky, or just pause on your way to look at a tree or some flowers? You see, we hardly think of these things because we are too used to them. We see them everyday. We do them all the time. They have become mundane, normal, the usual.

That’s where “creatives” come in. Creatives are humans who are mostly, if not always, in tune with their creative spirit. They pay attention to the little details the ordinary person ignores in the mundane. They can show you just how miraculous your own yawn can be. And even though there are creatives who engage with worlds outside of ours, it’s no lie that they borrow from this same world of ours to create their imaginary one.

So who needs creatives? We do. Humans do. This world does.

We need creatives to help us stay in touch with our creative selves; to bring out the stories in our lives, the music in our souls, the art behind our everyday activities. We need them to take the mundane and transform them into miracles, to point out the overlooked parts of ourselves that make us, us.

Creatives capture our ideas, thoughts and visions and portray them back to us in diverse ways. They help connect us to ourselves. They open our hearts and doors to our own mind, bring us to the hidden parts of ourselves and allow us to recognize our uniqueness and identities. They help draw out what is already there within us – our hidden talents and inner capabilities. They connect us with our passions.

Creatives engage our minds, free the mind in a way that enables a person to absorb knowledge more easily. They make learning more efficient and encourage alternative ways of thinking. They unblock old patterns or habits of thinking and make room for non-linear thinking.

Creatives enable empathy in us. They help us feel better, see better by carrying us on the wings of their crafts, placing us in bodies not our own, cities not ours, just so we can have a feel of what it’s like to be present in each other’s bodies, in one other’s worlds. Have you cried just by reading a fictional story that hit so close to home? Have you ever been riled up by injustice occurring elsewhere in the world?

Creatives arouse our curiosity by introducing and connecting us to different cultures and subcultures, building intercultural bridges that link us to one another. They nurture a sense of togetherness in us. Because it is only through art that we learn that we are not really different from one another. We are all just one big family scattered across the globe and creatives highlight our interconnectedness through their creative works.

Creatives explore and communicate without the limitation of words. When engaging with creatives, people are not just passively listening. They are exploring, communicating, discovering, listening, absorbing, learning. They are making meaning out of the chaotic, discovering a method to the madness all around us.

Creatives show the world for what it is, then show us the possibility of what it could become, if we’re willing to work towards it. Creatives broaden our perspectives and help us overcome prejudices. Creatives advocate for a fairer world. A society that makes no room for creatives is an imprisoned society that has lost touch with its creative side; and generations of people in that society are likely to be closed minded.

Who needs creatives? Well, you tell me.

And with that, we come to the end of today’s post and the first weekβ€”the Creatives Weekβ€” of the Winter ABC challenge. Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me so far. I appreciate you all πŸ€—βœŒπŸΎβ€οΈ

In what other ways do you think creatives are relevant to society?

Let me know what in the comments please.

Next week’s is dubbed “Advocacy Week” and well, I can’t wait to see what other creatives will be bringing up. I’d be here doing my own thing in the most creative way I can think of for sure! So yeah, watch out!πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ’₯πŸ˜‹

Until I see you again, stay safe and have fun. Enjoy the weekendπŸ’ƒ

Love ❀️