Hello famzyyy💫🤗, how are we???🌹. I have been quite occupied and awesome by the way. Today, we’re reviewing Perspectives by Elise Tirza, who’s a medical doctor by day and a writer by night.


Sometimes we don’t see the bigger picture. We only see from one view point. Sometimes we don’t see at all. But all the time, we have an opinion. All the time, we have something to say!

Andrea has been in a loveless, sexless marriage for God knows how long!

Bruma is a successful pastor with a past that haunts and a wife that nags.

Nadia is a beautiful young woman, who’s made a beautiful life for herself after a traumatic heartbreak.

Akyiaa is an eccentric doctor with a zest for life.

Wendy was sacked from church for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

And Yaa is that “elderly lady” who’s still not married at 39!

But how can you be so sure till you’ve walked a mile in their shoes?

Perspectives is the story of six characters; some intertwined; all relatable, whose stories may not seem like they really seem. This is a story of how we see things versus how things actually are.

What I loved most about Perspectives is the fact that this book is character-driven. Each character is unique and you can actually feel their joys and pains as though they were yours too. The characters and their struggles are not too far-fetched either; one way or the other, these are experiences we have either lived or know others who have gone through same.

This is a book that questions certain behaviours and attitudes of the Church and largely, the society and seeks for us to do better. In this book, you’ll find that the church is arguably one of the most judgemental places in the world to which I totally agree to a large extent. Sometimes the church which is supposed to be a place of love for redemption seekers becomes this harsh and judgemental environment that pushes away the same souls it seeks to save.

Without giving much spoilers, letter-writing is a huge part of this book. The characters write to each other a lot instead of speaking directly. Considering this day and age which one doesn’t see that often, I wondered slightly why Elise chose to go that route but nonetheless, it added to the uniqueness of this book. I would have preferred face-to-face conversations any day though! Secondly, it’d have pained me greatly if Akyiaa had not gone for that residency. And Papa? Oh Papa!; I never ever expected it (I had to drop the book and pick it back up). Pastor Bruma, Nadia and Sarah’s “relationship triangle” was just sending me. Yaa was my star of the novel and my favorite, I really loved how she carried herself, classy and godly! Andrea was a fav too and I was so happy she found ecstatic love in the end. Gyedu was really just a pain in the ass! (no pun intended).

At this point if you’re confused, that’s a cue to get the book and read for yourself so you can come back to this review after you’re done and see if you feel the same way as I!😌

This is a book I’d highly recommend for Christians and Non-christians alike. The themes explored include love, marriage, sex, romance, church life and different perspectives of things exactly like the title states! I rate this a solid 4.5/5 stars. I think Dr. Elise Tirza did a brilliant job for a debut. Absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to read more of her works!! ❤️

Can we just take a moment to admire this brilliant cover???🤩🥰

If you were able to get to this point, yay! to finishing and thank youuu for caring enough to read my review!❤️

What do you think about Perspectives? Is it something you would read? Let me know in the comments section please.

Also, you can order your copy of Perspectives from here and to read more of Elise’s other works/writings, visit her blog: Letters from this heart. Thank you and hope you enjoy yourself while there!🌹

On that note, it’s a byeee from me and I’ll see you soon with hopefully another lovely review (because life’s too short to be reading anything I don’t enjoy, lol😉). Take care of yourselves, stay safe out there and I’ll see you soon✌🏾. Love ❤️, Liz!