Hi bookish fam, heyaa…what is up with y’all. I hope 2022 is being kind to everyone🌻🌺. Seven Days in June by Tia Williams was my first read of the year and I don’t regret starting my year with it at all. It has definitely rekindled my long lost and dying teenage love for the romance genre and I’m so so glad I picked it up! In fact, I’m going to be reading more books like it from now on, to be honest.

Shane Hall and Eva Mercy are two black authors who met as teenagers and for a week shared this deep and intense out-of-the-world romance. Then something happened and they went their separate ways, lost touch with each other and after so many years, they finally meet again as adults at a black lit event organized to honour black writers. They discover that whatever they shared as teenagers was still there and that the flame hadn’t fanned out at all. Will they give their love another chance or will they continue on their separate paths as if nothing happened? That’s what Seven Days in June is about in a nutshell. A spicy black romance!

But on a real, I highly recommend that you add this to your TBR (to be read) list for sure! It’s an absolutely stunning book dripping with black excellence and black people just being black people. Enjoying life and loving themselves fully and wholly. No trauma, no abuse, no violence or racism interwoven or entangling the characters main storyline. Which I find so cool and important that for once we can leave behind the heavy stuff and just be people, human beings. Black people stories especially black love stories are usually, always laced around trauma and so much pain that it just hurts to read. At some point you’d think without the heaviness we have no story but Tia Williams just proved that actually we do.

Audre, Eva’s twelve year old daughter was the star of this book for me. I loved both Shane and Eva dearly but can someone find me a cute smart ass twelve year old like Audre please. I couldn’t stop adoring and admiring her. Aww, she was such a cutie. So yes, read the book for her; or just read it loves. Promise, it’d worth it❤️.

It’s a solid 5 out 5 stars🌟 from my side. I savoured every part of reading this wonderful book and I’m off to stalk Tia Williams because why the hell have I not heard of her till now? (Sis’s GOOD).

Thank you for reading. Catch you soon with another review. Much love, Liz ❤️