Her beauty is captivating.
But her strength is even more remarkable.
Her drive is exhilarating.
And what of her resilience?—mind-boggling.
Oh how she pushes through every obstacle,
Set before her; intended to bring her very downfall.
How she manages to surface whole in the end,
Is yet another puzzle, begging to be solved.
Scarred…but never broken.

She thrives in difficult places.
Places not meant for the ordinary, or the feeble-hearted.
Bluntly put; places not meant to be livable.
Where others of her kind easily stumble,
She neither falls nor shuffles.
Her feet do not touch ground.
Her roots dig deeper, penetrating tirelessly, till they defeat.

Where the great and mighty fall, and shrivel,
Into many, tiny, forsaken, irredeemable pieces of their former selves,
She rises above the shambles.
And there, she builds her home,
Inhabiting the insanity, making herself comfortable,
In the mess and with the mess.

She rises high above the muddy water,
Untouched by its impurity.
Hell…she grows with such impeccable beauty.
Yes; she is the lotus!
Only she can bloom in such unimaginable spaces.
Only she can blossom with such notable gallantry,
In the midst of so much impossibility.
Yes!…only she can.

Sometimes in life, we may be surrounded by mud. Lots of muddy waters sent to sink us, drown us, destroy us. But like the lotus, may we always be empowered to rise above the messiness and still come out pure, strong, whole and above all beautiful to behold. It is not easy but you can be a lotus if you try hard….we all can be.🌺🌺🌺