tell me,
when did you stop
believing in the goodness of humanity?
was it when truth, honesty, love and loyalty
became scarce; commodities too pricey
to be required of others?
was it when the ones you deeply believed in
felled your trust, like it meant nothing at all
to them and to you?
tell me, when was it?

when did you stop fighting
for the salvation of this troubled land
you once called home and so much loved?
was it when you were forced to flee its confines,
to seek for better and safer elsewhere?
this land of your father and mother,
whose ruin you must now watch from afar,
half-hoping that a new saviour arises soon enough
before it all crumbles into shambles,
tell me, when did you…give up on it?

tell me when you stopped wondering.
tell me why you stopped asking
the very questions that demanded
the answers that no one was willing to give.
why did you stop?
who made you stop?
tell me…
who forced this heavy silence upon your lips,
when it’s obvious you still have so much left to say?

when did you become this blue?;
that the dawning of a new morn no longer excites you;
that the gift of life feels less and less of a blessing
each day… when did the magic begin to fade?
the things that once set your soul afire;
all now so mundane and ordinary-looking.
what’s life with no access to the things that make you
feel alive?
what’s life when you are constantly overworked, burnt out, tired, with nothing to show for it?
when did the world become such a difficult place for you to live in?
tell me, when was it?

thanks for reading. see you soon. and stay safe. love❤️, liz.