ask me what my fears are
ask me why I’m so afraid
ask me why I harbor such impractical fears
and I’ll have for you no answer—really
all I know is that sometimes I’m afraid

i’m afraid of what I know
i’m afraid of what I don’t know
i’m afraid of not being enough
i’m afraid of being too much

i’m afraid
of what might actually go right should I try
of how good I may become
of how beautiful things may turn out
should all my dreams come to pass

then i’m afraid of what could go wrong
if I did nothing at all
i’m afraid of possibilities
i’m afraid of certainty

truth is
i’m afraid of many things including myself
including things I may not yet know of
or shouldn’t be bothered about even

but one thing I know for sure
is that somewhere inside all of this fear I feel
there’s something deeper than fear itself
that moves me to go on
even while

come to think of it
what’s the worst that could happen anyway?

What are you afraid of?

Day 13 of 30. November challenge. 30 poems in 30 days.

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